Friday, February 12, 2010

Health Care Debate

Here are some facts to separate from fiction so all you conservative Nazi's listen up. Every one in America should have health care, it is good for all of us to get the care we need and not be swept aside by corporate America. The reason we don't have universal heath care is because health care companies pump billions into congress to lobby against it. They pretty much make there own rules and charge and raise there prices at leisure. The right wing conspirators will have you believe health care will lead to socialism, lol WOW that is a huge jump from getting the care that everyone needs to Marxism. What a crock of shit, stop spreading lies. Palin is running her big stupid mouth about death camps, this is totally absurd and not true. She is blatantly lying, don't we teach our kids not to lie its really bad, how come its so readily accepted from adults and in politics. Lets stick to the facts. Several groups and politicians claimed that the major health care bills in Congress called for a single-payer system like Canada’s, under which all citizens have health insurance provided by the government, or even a system like Britain’s, where doctors and hospitals are employed by the government. The truth is that none of the major bills that were debated in Congress called for such a drastic change to the U.S. system. This leads me to the rumor that Doctors are to be told what surgerys they are to do or perform FALSE. The bill called for creating a council on "comparative effectiveness research," which examines which treatments or drugs work best or are most cost-effective. It said none of the council’s reports or recommendations "shall be construed as mandates or clinical guidelines for payment, coverage, or treatment."
     These are the Facts which can be checked out by you, and should be, lets stop making decisions based on the lies of others. Check your facts people. Here are some good sites to separate fact from fiction. Now let the debating begin, bring it!

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Wesley said...

As someone who is Pro Healthcare reform, don't be so quick to pound on only the conservatives. The Democrats themselves have stumbled, bumbled, and created their own roadblocks. Most notable would be Sen. Ben Nelson, D-Neb holding out as the 60th vote and then suddenly having a change of heart when the democrats offered 100 Million in medicaid assistance for his state. The democrats have also largely ignored tort reform...could it be because dems receive 75% of the campaign money donated by legal organizations and law firms? I'm a registered dem but can certainly see the faults in the party.